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some dumplings with dipping sauce in a white bowl on a plate next to chopsticks
Easy Homemade Pot Stickers - Real Life Dinner
Homemade Pot Stickers are AMAZING and you will not believe how easy they are to make. Huge hit with kids and a great way to sneak more veggies in their diet. ~
fried rice is being cooked in a pan and then served with sauce on the side
Young Chow Fried Rice (Yang Chow Fried Rice)
Chinese fried rice #yangzhou Fried rice
the best ever sesame chicken recipe in a bowl with chopsticks on the side
Sesame Chicken (The BEST Recipe with Video!!) - Rasa Malaysia
Sesame Chicken - crispy chicken with sweet, savory sauce with sesame seeds. Best and easiest recipe that is better than Chinese takeout |
someone holding chopsticks over a bowl of noodles
Dan Dan Noodles (担担面)
Dan dan Noodles (担担面) | Noodles | Chinese Food | Chinese | Sichuan | Homemade | Peanuts | Spicy | Bowls
two plates filled with chow mein noodles and the words classic chinese chow mein
Classic Chinese Chow Mein
Classic Chinese Chow Mein with authentic ingredients and easy ingredient swaps to make this a pantry meal in a pinch!
a white plate topped with lots of veggies next to a fork and spoon
home - Leela Cyd
ensalada a la chilena (tomato-onion-cilantro-olive oil- salt and little bit of lemon)
a table full of food and drinks on it
Make Authentic Chilean Sopaipillas
How to Make Authentic Chilean Sopaipillas
an egg is on top of some food
Charquican en AguaManil
Charquicán, sin el huevo frito no es lo mismo :P
a close up of a plate of food with rice and peas on it, including chicken
Eat Wine Blog
Chicken with Sweet Peas (Pollo Arvejado-CHILE)
a cake on a plate covered in caramel sauce
two desserts sitting on top of a cardboard box with spoons and napkins
Arroz con thing in know how to not burn! favorite chilean recipe
two glasses filled with liquid and cinnamon sticks
Cola de Mono: Traditional Chilean Holiday Beverage
This makes me homesick, I love this drink. For a non-alcoholic version, instead or real rum, you can use "imitationRum extract" as you wish and replace coffee for "Pero" (LDS people) I love it :)
two cooked meats in a white dish with brown paper on the side and a wooden table
Chilean Spice-Rubbed Pork Shanks