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a woman laying on top of a pink raft in the ocean next to a cliff
Cebu City, Philippines
#cebu #philippines
two people are swimming in a pool surrounded by palm trees and greenery, while another person is on the side of the pool
One of the most romantic places in the world for your honeymoon.
two people are standing on a rock in the water
Coron, palawan, philippines - FunSubstance
Coron, palawan, philippines
a woman sitting on top of a rock next to the ocean
conic view of Coron, Palawan by @iamellajean #coron #palawan #kayanganlak
there are two people in the water near some rocks and trees on the shore with a hut
Busuanga, Palawan @warrencamitan #adventure #traveladdict #wonderfulplaces
an underwater view of a man swimming in the ocean with his feet up on the ground
Ginnie Springs, Florida, U.S.
the water is crystal blue and clear, with steps leading to an island in the background
Stairway to paradise, Twin Lagoon, Palawan, Philippines