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“보이쉬한 매력” Pop, K Pop, Ea, Twice Jungyeon, Korean Girl Groups, Twice Kpop, Nayeon, Korean Idol, Kpop Girls
“보이쉬한 매력”
Red Velvet, Fandom, Suwon, People, Idol, Kpop Girl Groups, Twice Once
Jeongyeon | Yoo Jeongyeon [유정연] Korean Singer, Momo, South Korean Girls
Jeongyeon | Yoo Jeongyeon [유정연]
a woman wearing glasses and a black coat is walking down the street with her hand on her hip
Adorable #Jeongyeon #Twice Twice Jeongyeon, Make This, The Band, Yoo Jeongyeon, Pre Debut, Extended Play
Adorable #Jeongyeon #Twice
TWICE_Jeongyeon #DO NOT EDIT  Picture from : tumblr : fy-jeongyeon Twice Chaeyoung, Jihyo Twice
TWICE_Jeongyeon #DO NOT EDIT Picture from : tumblr : fy-jeongyeon
a woman with blonde hair wearing a blue sweater and holding her hand on her shoulder
- ̗̀ @pastaels  ̖́ - Mina
- ̗̀ @pastaels ̖́ -
Herrin, Nuna, Asian Woman
a young person wearing glasses and a hoodie looking down at something on the ground
a woman with headphones on her ears looking at something in the distance while standing next to a microphone
Jeongyeon ♡
Asian Girl, Korean K Pop, Handsome
a woman wearing glasses standing next to a white van
Instagram, Members
an autographed photo of a person with short hair
Jeongyeon- Wallpaper