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an open book sitting on top of a bed next to a pair of headphones
a hand holding an open notebook with stickers on it and various other items in the background
a book with many pictures on it sitting on top of a white bed sheet next to a string
my new journal 🎀
Enola Holmes Journal
a person is holding up a large piece of paper with scissors in their hand and some pictures on it
an open book with pictures and words in it on top of a white bed sheet
a hand holding a bag with many different things on it
Journal ideas !!
a close up of a card with flowers and butterflies on it's back side
Grabie new flower stickers set
an open book with many pictures and words on it, including a heart shaped cutout
an open book with pink envelopes and pictures on the pages, including a bow
an open book with words and pictures on it sitting on top of a white sheet