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the front wheel of a bicycle with spokes and gears on it's side
SUBARU 2wd energía Dual
a woman is sitting in a small car made out of wood and cardboard with the door open
The real wacky racers: Students enter road race with hydrogen-powered 'eco car' made of plywood and cardboard
an orange and white cart with wheels on the front, sitting on a yellow background
Seon Trike for Urban Environments by Luis Alberto Cordoba Dorantes - Tuvie Design
Load up&Let's go! Cargo Trike
the front end of a car with red and white lights on it's headlights
Automotive Exteriors – Headlights
Ford GT Headlight and Tail Light Design Sketches by Giancarlo Viganego
an electric bike parked on the side of a road next to a concrete wall and underpass
Ingenious Bicycle Boosters
two different views of the same bike with wood and metal parts, one showing the front wheel
Sean Denham & Renovo’s Wood Frame Bicycle
Renovo Hardwood Bicycles’ R4 Pursuits are made from two CNC’d halves of wood bonded together lengthwise, creating a beautiful piece of work. The bike, made from a Renovo’s shop in Portland, f…
the different types of motorcycles are shown in this diagram, with each one labeled on it's own side
motomood: “ you probably saw it but it’s worth repeating custom motorcycles types ”
an upside down bike is on display in the parking lot
DSCF1315 | Tomas Quinones | Flickr