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a plant in a glass jar with the words how to root basil
How to Root Basil from Cuttings
Knowing how to root basil from cuttings can give you free basil plants for you and your gardening friends to enjoy! Who doesn't love free plants?? #basil #herbs #freeplants #gardening via @cpjsouthern
what kind of kitchen garden fits you best? with scissors, parsley and herbs
Green Thumb Quiz • Gardenary
Beginner Gardener, Herb Gardener, Gardening Professional, and everywhere in between... Take this quiz to see what type of Kitchen Gardener you are. Let's make kitchen gardening a thing again. Head to www.gardenary.com to learn more.
the best tomatoes for a short growing season
How to Pick the Best Tomato Varieties for Your Garden
When you live someplace like Canada with a short growing season, it can be tricky to grow tomatoes in your garden. Here's some varieties that will work in a cold climate vegetable garden--even if you're a beginner or you grow in pots and containers. #gardening #tomatoes
a poster with the words everything you need to know about when to plant your vegetable garden
Planting Your Vegetable Garden: Everything You Need To Know
I started a garden without realizing the work and planning that went into it, and the first year, my yield was less than satisfying. Over time, I began to understand that not everything could be planted at the same time, and not all vegetables could be treated the same. Take a look at this comprehensive list of the most common garden vegetables and their general needs. #whentoplantvegetables #besttimetoplantveggies #vegetablegardencheatsheet
some plants are sitting in pots on top of a wooden table with the words, diy mason jar herb planter
How to Make a DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden
Grow fresh and delicious herbs indoors with the DIY Mason Jar Herb Planter. This quick and easy mason jar project will give you the perfect springtime table decor and fresh herbs as well! via @cpjsouthern
several different types of vegetables that are growing in the garden, including tomatoes and zucchini
The Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Garden Beds and Containers
Short on time or new to vegetable gardening? Try these easy-to-grow vegetables in containers and garden beds. #vegetablegardening #growyourown #gardening
sweet potatoes growing in the garden and how to grow them
How to Grow Sweet Potatoes
Check out these vegetable gardening tips for your backyard garden Learn How to Grow Sweet Potatoes | Growing In The Garden
how to start tomatoes indoors in the garden
Starting tomatoes indoor
How to Start Tomatoes indoors, If you are new to gardening, growing Tomato or have had issues growing tomato from seed, Follow this step by step guide to grow your very own Tomato from seed. #HowtogrowTomatoes #growtomato #tomato #tomatoes #seedstarting #tomatoseeds #growtomatoindoors #indoor #indoorgrowing #startingtomatoes #grow
blackberries and raspberries are on the bush
How to Grow Blackberries
How to Grow Blackberries
purple flowers with text overlay how to grow chives gardener's path guide
How to Grow Chives in the Herb Garden | Gardener’s Path
Do you want to grow a plant that serves triple duty as an edible herb, as a flowering beauty, and as a butterfly magnet? Add chives to your herb and kitchen gardens. Chives are perennials and will return years after year and can be cut for culinary creations in your kitchen. Their purple blooms attract pollinators and can be used as border plant in rustic cottage gardens. Find out what you need to know to grow chives here on Gardener’s Path! #herbgarden #cottagegarden #chives #gardenerspath
the best edible flowers for a vegetable garden
The Best Edible Flowers for a Vegetable Garden
The Best Edible Flowers for a Vegetable Garden
the cover of how to grow and harvest cauliflower by gardener's path
How to Plant and Grow Cauliflower | Gardener’s Path
Cauliflower isn’t as hard to grow as you may have heard. The secrets are in the temperature and the water. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, today’s exciting cultivars include white, purple, orange, and green varieties. Learn how to cultivate this cold weather crop in your backyard now. #cauliflower #vegetablegardening #growingfood #gardenerspath
the garden is full of flowers and plants with text overlaying it that says spring care tips for your herb garden
Spring Care Tips For Your Herb Garden | Gardener's Path
Herbs are normally easy to grow, but you can help them out with a little spring cleaning and pruning. Learn what you need to know to set up your aromatic edibles for a productive growing season and enjoy tasty and healthy fresh herbs from the spring through the fall. Find it all in our guide on Gardener’s Path. #herbgarden #freshherbs #growingfood #gardenerspath
a pile of vegetables with the title how to use up last year's harvest
3 Steps To Use Up Your Preserved Foods - Pinecone Cottage Retreat
It's wonderful to have a pantry and freezer stocked full of the bounty from last year's garden. But now is the time to start putting it to use. Here are 3 Steps to get started using up your produce before the new garden season hits. #garden #preserved #fruits #vegetables
a basket full of strawberries with the title how to grow strawberries garden's path
How to Plant and Grow Strawberries | Gardener's Path
Are you tired of buying store-bought strawberries that look good but then find they are not sweet, have no flavor, or go bad too quickly? Try growing your own at home for ultimate flavor. Instead of growing varieties that were created to ship well (and often are left tasting like cardboard), grow selections bred for sweetness and flavor. Learn what you need know to select the best varieties and grow your own today using our guide on Gardener’s Path. #growingfood #strawberries #gardenerspath