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Uterina the Uterus Plushie

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She’s a cuterus and an ova-achiever!
Meet our adorable and cuddly plushie Uterina the Uterus! She is extremely soft and fluffy and has the most adorable smile.
Uterina will bring so much love into your life! She is the perfect gift for your loved ones going to surgery or giving birth to a new baby! Or she can help teach your little ones about how important our uterus is and how it functions!
Uterina the Uterus comes with a detailed educational booklet that helps you learn how she works and how to keep her healthy. This booklet was curated by our team of medical practitioners who certainly know Uterina like the back of their hand!
She also comes with a complimentary backpack bag so you can carry her around and show all your friends!
Designed in Australia. 50% of all profits go to our partner charity, Transplant Australia.
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