tołpa my skin changer Sea yourself EYE CREAM 10ml Moisturizing eye cream Sea Yourself from Tołpa is characterized by a light and natural formula.  Effectively eliminates signs of fatigue and dark circles under the eyes. Thanks to super molecules, it cares for the sensitive area of the skin around the eyes.  Eliminates signs of fatigue and bruises.  It fills fine lines, draws moisture deep into the skin and retains it for 48 hours. It has natural beige color, light emulsion consistency, it absorbs quickly, fragrance free.  Parabens, artificial dyes, silicones, paraffin oil free.  Use when you see/feel: Dehydration, Tension, Roughness, Bruises. Suitable for sensitive and allergic skin. Allergologically tested at the Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology of the Medical Univer Moisturiser, Moisturizer, Moisturizing Eye Cream, Dermatology, Beauty Skin, Anti Aging, Eye Cream, Fragrance Free Products, Hydration