A classic pair of sailor slacks will put wind in your sails towards a glamorous leisure look of the early 20th century. These pants are precisely that, and then Clothes, Shorts, Design, Trousers, Summer, Clothing, Linen Blend, Pants, High Waisted Pants
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The Wind In Your Sails Trousers. Rose - emmy design

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The high waist pants come with true sailor buttoning with two rows of buttons. But fear not, darling! You need only to unbutton one side to slip in and out of the pants! The very flared legs and fitted upper part will work wonders for your bum and elongate your legs, all in one go. And the slanted side seam pockets are smartphone-sized for today’s needs.A centimeter away from that perfect fit? No worries! Thanks to the generous hem and center back seam, the pants can easily be taken down 8 cm (3”) and the waist can just as easily be taken out up to 4 cm (1,5").Recommended retail price incl. VAT: SEK 1799 / € 185Recommended retail price excl. VAT: £ 125 / $ 159