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Holiday Skull Hitch Receiver Cap, Extended 3 inches. Fits 2" Trailer Hitch Receiver. Several colo…

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Celebrate the Holidays with a Twist! Our Customizable Skull in a Santa Cap Hitch Receiver Cap Adds Quirky and Festive Charm to Your Vehicle! 💀🎅🚗
This extended version (3 inches longer) fits vehicles where the receiver is tucked behind the bumper and you need a little more room.
Embrace the holiday season with a uniquely unconventional touch by choosing our Skull in a Santa Cap Hitch Receiver Cap. This delightfully quirky accessory not only safeguards your hitch receiver but also adds a dash of individuality to your ride. The best part? You get to choose the color of the skull, while the Santa cap keeps its original shade.
💀🎅 Skull in a Santa Cap Design: Our Hitch Receiver Cap features a creative fusion of a skull wearing a Santa cap. It's an unconventional holiday twist that's sure to make your vehicle stand out. Whether you're a fan of alternative holiday decor, enjoy the spooky side of life, or simply appreciate unconventional style, this design adds a touch of charm and quirkiness to your ride.
🌈 Colorful Customization: Express your creativity by selecting your preferred color for the skull. With a range of color options available, you can match your vehicle's style, create a striking contrast, or let your imagination run wild while keeping the Santa cap in its original festive color.
🚗 Effortless Installation: Transforming your car's look is a breeze. Simply slide this unconventional cap into your hitch receiver and add your hitch pin, and you're ready to hit the road with a dash of holiday quirkiness. It fits 2 inch standard hitch receivers with ease.
🌟 Durable and Resilient: Crafted from high-quality materials, our Hitch Receiver Cap is built to withstand various weather conditions while ensuring the safety and protection of your hitch receiver.
🎁 Unique and Memorable Gift: Searching for a gift that's both unconventional and distinctive? Our Customizable Skull in a Santa Cap Hitch Receiver Cap is a perfect present for friends, family, or anyone who enjoys adding a quirky twist to the holiday season.
👑 Quantity Tailored to You: Customize your order based on your needs. Whether you're adding a touch of unconventional holiday charm to your own vehicle or gifting it to fellow enthusiasts of the extraordinary, you have the flexibility to choose the quantity that suits you.
Material: High-quality 3D printed Plastic
Dimensions: The total length is about 10.1 inches.
Compatible Receiver Size: 2 inch
Hitch Pin: Not included
Care: Remove before using automatic car washes. Use warm water and dish soap to clean. 🚘
Elevate your holiday drive with a unique blend of quirky and festive charm. Customize your Customizable Skull in a Santa Cap Hitch Receiver Cap today and let your vehicle become a symbol of unconventional holiday spirit. Make every holiday journey an extraordinary and personalized one! 🚘💀🎄