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Rust Terracotta Suspenders White Sage Green Leaves Tropical Rustic Wedding Groom Groomsmen Socks Ringbearer Neckwear Bowtie Braces Bowtie - Etsy

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Tropical rustic wedding White Sage green leaves Rust SOLID suspenders Groom Groomsmen terrracotta socks Ringbearer toddler set bowtie braces Welcome to the enchanting world of a Rust Terracotta and White Sage green leaves Tropical rustic wedding. For the groom and his entourage, we have curated the perfect ensemble featuring rustic charm and tropical elegance. The Rust Terracotta suspenders serve as a stylish and functional accessory, adding a touch of vintage appeal to the outfit. With their adjustable straps and sturdy clips, these suspenders ensure a comfortable and secure fit throughout the celebration. The White Sage green leaves pattern emerges as a delightful accent on the groom's neckwear. This tropical-inspired design brings a refreshing touch of nature to the ensemble, beautifully complementing the overall theme. The groomsmen can also don this stylish neckwear to create a cohesive and unified look for the entire wedding party. To add a playful twist, the Groomsmen socks provide a pop of color and personality. Their matching shades of Rust Terracotta and White Sage green leaves infuse a sense of fun and coordination into the attire, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. For the little one playing the important role of the Ringbearer, the bowtie becomes a captivating neckwear choice. The bowtie features the same charming Rust Terracotta hue, echoing the rustic elegance of the occasion. It adds a touch of cuteness and completes the ensemble for the youngest member of the wedding party. To elevate the rustic charm even further, consider incorporating braces into the ensemble. The braces not only provide additional support but also contribute to the overall vintage aesthetic, giving a timeless appeal to the wedding attire. With the Rust Terracotta suspenders, White Sage green leaves neckwear, Groomsmen socks, and the adorable bowtie for the Ringbearer, your Tropical rustic wedding will exude style, charm, and an undeniable connection to nature. Watch as your wedding party embraces the spirit of the occasion, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Sizes of TIES Standard tie 3*58''/7,62*147 cm Standard tie 3,25*58''/8,25*147 cm Standard tie 3,5*58''/8,9*147 cm Skinny tie 2*58''/5*147 cm Skinny tie 2,5*58''/6,35*147 cm Size of PRE-TIED bow tie: 5*10 сm/1,9*3,9'' (For toddler) (0-2 years old) Width of strap is 0,47'' (1.2 mm) with length regulator max 14'' 5*10 сm/1,9*3,9'' (For kids) (3-11 years old) Width of strap is 0,47'' (1.2 mm) with length regulator max 18'' 6*12 сm/2,3*4,7'' (For adult) (12 years - adult) Width of strap is 0.07'' (1.8 mm) with length regulator max 22'' - Strap around the neck is adjustable. Made of the same material with length regulator max 22 '' inches (adult bow ties), max 18'' (kids size), max 14'' (toddler size). Width of strap is 0,47'' (1.2 mm) for toddler and kids, 0.07'' (1.8 mm) for adult Size of SELF TIE bow tie (2.7''/7 cm) on his largest side, Strap is adjustable with metallic clasp. Max length is 22 ''. Width of strap is 0.07'' (1.8 mm) Sizes of POCKET SQUARES For toddler 5,9*5,9''/15*15 cm For kids 9,84*9,84''/25*25 cm For adult 11,81*11,81''/30*30 cm Size of SUSPENDERS (made of FABRIC, Y-shape back, antique bronze clips) - BABY/TODDLER/BOY (6 months-3 years old) Adjustable 16-26"" - BOY (4 - 12 years) Adjustable up to 32" inches. - ADULT suspenders - Adjustable 26"-40" HAIR BOWS (fastening is Alligator clip) - Hair bow (0-3 years) - width 3'' - Hair bow (4-11 years) - width 4'' Need other size? Please let us know. If you have any questions please send me request. - Only hand wash with hang dry - Made with love in a smoke-free environment **DISCLAIMER**: All items are handmade so sizes are approximate. Due to them being made by hand they may be about a 1/4" bigger or smaller than the sizes indicated above. ***NOTE colors can vary from originals depending on your computer settings of monitor. All pictures represent a sample only. Actual ordered items may slightly differ from pictures. ***** Unique men's bowties by accessories482 Wedding bowties by accessories482 Floral bow ties by accessories482 on Etsy ********* White Sage green leaves Rust SOLID suspenders Tropical rustic wedding Groom Groomsmen terracotta socks Ringbearer neckwear bowtie braces" conjures up a charming and unique combination of elements for a wedding ensemble. Whether you're a groom, groomsman, or the ring bearer, this style will add a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your special day. Our collection of solid suspenders in a rustic shade of green perfectly complements the tropical ambiance of your wedding. Made from high-quality materials, these suspenders offer both style and functionality, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout the celebration. The green hue echoes the lush foliage of a tropical paradise and brings a refreshing twist to traditional wedding attire. To further enhance the natural theme, consider pairing the suspenders with our terracotta-colored socks. The warm, earthy tones of terracotta create a harmonious contrast against the green suspenders, making for a visually striking combination. These socks provide a pop of color that exudes both sophistication and playfulness. For the groom, groomsmen, or even the ring bearer, our neckwear options are the perfect finishing touch. Choose from our selection of bowties and neckties that feature a pattern inspired by white sage green leaves. This botanical motif brings a subtle touch of nature to your ensemble, adding depth and visual interest. To complete the look, we offer stylish braces that match the color and texture of the suspenders. These braces provide additional support and ensure your wedding outfit stays perfectly in place throughout the festivities. They are designed with comfort and durability in mind, so you can focus on enjoying every moment of your special day. Whether you're planning a tropical rustic wedding or simply want to infuse your celebration with a natural aesthetic, the combination of white sage green leaves, rust suspenders, terracotta socks, and coordinating neckwear and braces creates a cohesive and eye-catching ensemble that will make a lasting impression. Embrace this unique fusion of elements to showcase your personal style and create a memorable wedding look. We accept payment only via PayPal.
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