Rockets At The Opera Necklace by Après Youth, with multi colour enamel in gold vermeil.  Our gold vermeil is 2. 5 microns of 22k gold plated onto 100% recycled sterling silver.  Après Youth's bespoke firework chain links together mini rocket charms in 6 enamel colours. Blue, neon green, neon orange, purple, neon pink, neon yellow.  This opera length necklace can be worn doubled up around the neck for a shorter style.  Après Youth's gold vermeil is 2. 5 microns of 22k gold electro plated onto sterling silver, using 100% recycled silver. We recommend that you remove our jewellery before bathing, swimming, or doing any other activity where it might come into contact with chemicals or water. The gold vermeil on Après Youth pieces should last for up to 10years. You can help to protect them by k Jewellery, Pink, Jewelry, Enamel Necklaces, Silver, Necklace, Sterling Silver, 22k Gold, Gold Vermeil