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Portable CD Player with Speakers 2000mAh Rechargeable Walkman CD Player Portable with Double 3.5mm Headphones Jack,Small Anti-Skip Personal CD Player Disc Music Player for Car or Home

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Color: HOVOYNN CD Player-606
🎶【Rechargeable CD Player】- The portable CD player built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, it can continuously play for more than 10 hours. Don’t need to use AA batteries or always plug the charger into the CD player any more. You can use the included USB cable to charge for it. Portable and convenient for you to carry it anywhere you want to enjoy music.
🎶【CD Player with Stereo Speakers】- This portable CD player designed with stereo speakers, can play without earbuds, help reduce ear fatigue. Excellent sound quality for you to enjoy all kinds of CDs. The larger LED-backlit display on the cd player helps view the play information more clearly, even at night.(This portable CD player also comes with a wire controlled earphone).
🎶【Wide Compatibility CD Player】- This CD player supports CD, MP3 CD, CD-R and CD-RW, a simple playback of a variety of CDs, a built-in 3.5mm AUX input/output and a headphone jack. Simply connect your CD player to your car audio port with an aux cable to play your favorite CD or audio book. And this portable cd player also design with with double headphone jack allows you and your friends, family members and lovers to enjoy your favourite music or enjoy calming music.
🎶【Anti-shock】- The use of modern electric shock protection technology skip and design, stereo system with CD player supports CD of 160 seconds anti-skip protection, MP3 CD of 300 seconds protection anti-skip. You don’t have to worry about disc skip when listening to music. You can use it in all sorts of situations, such as in a bumpy car, the portable cd player will still playing smoothly.
🎶【Best Gift】- The CD player is small and exquisite, the fashion cherry red, smooth appearance and unique LCD display, with high quality new fashion and classic nostalgic atmosphere. It is an ideal gift for music lovers, speech learners, elderly, children, friends and expectant mothers. Small and exquisite, easy to carry and enjoy with your family, friends and lovers no matter where you are.
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