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Paracord Planet's 1000lb Tensile Strength Para-Max Paracord Various Colors and Sizes, Size:50', White

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Paracord Planet Para-Max Paracord is the Hulk of paracord. It is dependable, tough, and long lasting. It has a 1000lb tensile strength and a 1/4 inch diameter. The strongest cord on the market is used for countless ventures such as camping, hiking, hunting, emergencies, dog collar/leashes, and can even be used to tow a car. This cord is perfect for any of your projects or survival kits. Paracord Planet has taken the industry by storm since its inception in 2011. Every product is made in the USA and has been hand testing in our warehouse so that our customers can rest assured they are purchasing a product of the utmost quality. Size: 50'. Color: White.
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