Pair+(2+Pcs)+White+and+Green+Striped+Acrylic+Straight+Ear+Taper+Expander+Ear+Gauges+Plugs+Gauges+-+High+Quality+Acrylic+with+2+O-rings+-+Choose+your+Size+from:++2g+(6mm),+0g+(8mm);+and+00g+(10mm)-+471wg Ear Gauges Plugs, Ear Plugs, Gauges Plugs, Ear Tapers, Ear Studs, Ear Gauges, Body Jewelry, Plugs, Gauges
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Pair White and Green Striped Acrylic Ear Taper Stretchers Plugs

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Pair (2 Pcs) White and Green Striped Acrylic Straight Ear Taper Expander Ear Gauges Plugs Gauges - High Quality Acrylic with 2 O-rings - Choose your Size from: 2g (6mm), 0g (8mm); and 00g (10mm)- 471wg