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Please note, this listing is for the necklace ONLY. The matching earrings can be found here:
Item Number: EF 75:08:43
Material: Labradorite, copper, brass, glass
Length: Approximately 20 inches long
Artifact Analysis:
The Enchanted Forest is the home of the Fae. While they make look human, they are decidedly not... and, as such, they are often feared. The Fae themselves do very little to dissuade this image--they can be mischievous, after all, and their rules are not human rules.
Not all Fae machinations are to be feared, however. Indeed, there are some Fae who genuinely like humans, and go out of their way to be kind. It is said that one such Fae was responsible for the creation of the Beacon Lights.
The Beacon Lights appear in the forest when travelers stray from their path and lose their way. While one might expect them to be foretellers of doom, these lights instead act as guides and lead the lost travelers safely home. It is said that even the High King himself benefitted from the Beacon Lights, when he was returning home from a visit to the Fae Court.
Fit for royalty, this necklace pay homage to those lights in the forest. The labradorite stones are the same greenish-grey of the forest, the copper hues are similar to the bark of the trees... And the very subtle flashes of color seen in the stones resemble those beacons. While it probably won’t light the way home, itmight even remind the wearer that sometimes help comes from unlikely places.
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