penguin research project for king penguins
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King Penguin Research Foldable

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Research is fun, and easy to do. Just print the King Penguin foldable with the research links and you are ready. After teaching one of the Penguin mini lessons to your class, they will be able to continue on their own while you do guided reading or work with others in small groups.
Day 1: Research and Take notes
Day 2: Rewrite notes into paragraph form on the foldable, and turn in.
A rubric is provided for quick and easy grading.
A "note-taking' page is included for students as well as a very cute foldable. You will also receive a links page that students can click on to go to quality webpages for quick research. Students may also go directly to my website and click on the links from there.
By purchasing penguin projects as a bundle, you can save a lot. Print & Go Penguins
Individual Penguin Foldables can be purchased by clicking on the links below:
Adelie Penguin
African Penguin
Chinstrap Penguin
Emperor Penguin
Erect-Crested Penguin
Fiordland Penguin
Galapagos Penguin
Gentoo Penguin
Humboldt Penguin
King Penguin
Little Penguin
Macaroni Penguin
Magellanic Penguin
Rockhopper Penguin
Royal Penguin
Snares-Crested Penguin [FREE]
Yellow Eyed Penguin [FREE]
A Penguin STEM Experiment
Goes well with Common Core standards:
Reading Information 7 [RI 5.7]Draw on information from multiple print or digital sources,
demonstrating the ability to locate an answer to a question
quickly or to solve a problem efficiently.
Reading Information 9 [RI 5.9]Integrate information from several texts on the same topic
in order to write or speak about the subject knowledgeably.
Writing 6 [W 5.6]With guidance and support from adults, use technology,
including the Internet, to produce and publish writing as
well as to interact and collaborate with others; demonstrate
sufficient command of keyboarding skills to type a
minimum of two pages in a single sitting.
Writing 7 [W 5.7] Conduct short research projects that use several sources to build knowledge through investigation of different aspects of a topic.
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