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Huddersfield Town No Score Draws Mug Set - Set of TWO 11oz Ceramic Mugs with Wonky Panini sticker-style Terriers No Score Draws Doodles

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"Set of TWO mugs showcasing 24 wonky Huddersfield Town doodles by the idiots/amateur \"artists\" at No Score Draws. Please note these are two DIFFERENT mugs, showcasing 12 different wonky Terriers drawings on each mug. Features: Dunn Booth Jepson Kindon Stewart Lee Schindler Facey Shearer Worthington Wagner & more! All drawn really rather badly for your amusement :) Both mugs are 11oz capacity and are dispatched in a comfy box x 'No Score Draws' are by Sian & Alex, and since 2014 we have