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Hand Turned Wooden Bowl From Camphor Laurel Wood. an Ideal Trinket Bowl or Ring Bowl. - Etsy Australia

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You will receive a Hand Turned Wooden Bowl from Camphor Laurel Wood. An Ideal Trinket Bowl or Ring Bowl.
The timber for the designer bowl is sourced from storm damaged trees in suburban areas, dried for several years, then cut and turned to shape and sanded on a lathe. The bowls are then finished with a sealer and finished with a food safe coating.
The unique bowl is approx. 16 cm across and 5.5 cm deep.
This bowl is ideal as a trinket bowl, ring bowl, small office bowl or key bowl etc. a fifth anniversary gift or gift for mum.
Please hand wash the bowls as they are not dishwasher safe. Use a food safe mineral oil to rejuvenate, if required.
Please note:
Wood imperfections are included in the design of the wooden bowls, so they are truely unique.
Dimensions of wood bowl is approximate.
Images of turned bowls may vary from screen to screen.
Contact us for bulk orders of any types of best bowl.
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