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Echo Little Ball Cactus Pot Candle

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The candle is designed to resemble a round or ball cactus, mimicking the natural appearance of cacti species that naturally grow in spherical shapes. It comes in various shades of green and features different flower colors. This color variation aims to imitate the natural colors of cacti, which often have green stems and various flower hues.
The wax contains prime fragrance oil that captures a blend of scents. This blend includes notes of bergamot, fresh white flowers, green cactus stems, sun-kissed coconut, and softwoods. The combination of these scents creates a multi-layered aroma that is likely to be both refreshing and relaxing.
Scent: Japanese Cherry Blossom
Dimensions : jar is approximately 2.5 inches in size
Ingredients: crafted using high-quality fragrance oil and Parasoy wax from Candle Science.
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