a brown and white striped pillow on a white background
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Decorative Home Cushion, Cozy Soft Pillow, Throw Pillow, Lumbar Pillow, Cotton Pillow Case, Bohemian Pillow, Accent Pillow for Sofa, Unique

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Cream and Brown Pillow, Cozy Soft Pillow, Throw Pillow EXPRESS SHIPPING AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE COTTON PILLOW WITH RIB / VEIN DOUBLE STRIPE EFFECT Knitted pillow with rib / vein double stripe effect in various colors and sizes, which can bring cozy feelings and pleasant emotions to your bedroom, living room or garden. The pillows are high quality, made of natural materials. The insert is made of anti-allergic siliconized wadding. The cover can be taken off through a zipper opening for an easy launde