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Cleansing hand gel 75ml

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Our outdoors team has selected this cleansing hand gel for cleaning your hands when out and about, whatever the conditions. EASE OF USE This cleansing hand gel can be taken anywhere. Lightweight:82 g. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE CLEANSING HAND GEL. This product is designed as a "pocket sized" cleansing soap to wash your hands in all situations during your sporting outings, without water or rinsing. This product is not a disinfectant. This product contains between 30 and 45% of alcohol, it doesn't have any antibacterial, anti-viral or anti-fungal properties. It doesn't protect you from Corona-type viruses.To protect yourself, respect the applicable hygiene guidelines and precautions. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE CLEANSING HAND GEL (CONTINUED) As a cleansing soap, it enables you to clean your hands when the usual facilities are not accessible or available. Apply to the hands and rub until evaporated. If you have purchased this product without fully understanding its properties, you can contact our customer services centre so that we can find a solution.
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