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Character Oak Beam Fascia - Etsy UK

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Our hand crafted oak fascia beams are ideal to add that extra bit of character to your fireplace. Each beam comes with concealed key hole brackets machined into the back of the beam. Simply hang the beam from two protruding screws in your wall. These really can be installed within a couple of minutes. Fitting to decorated and plastered walls is no issue! The screws and wall plugs provided can be fitted into brick, stone or breeze block walls. They can be fixed to stud walls where timber uprights can be located.
Please send us a message after ordering to let us know your colour choice.
Please note: The back of the beam is left unfinished.
For a more time warn rustic appearance, opt for our Aged Oak Fascia Beam.
Each beam we manufacturer goes through our vigorous finishing process we've developed over many years! Skillfully shaped, sanded and finished with only the highest quality wax's and oils, these fascia beams are sure to impress!
What you need to know!
-Lifetime Guarantee!
-Size is accurate to +/- 5mm
-Supplied with heavy duty keyhole fixings & fitting instructions.
-We are a trusted online retailer – see our reviews from our past customers.
-We source our oak from trusted suppliers. All of our oak is FSC or PEFC certified.
-Our oak is well air dried ensuring any movement once installed is minimal.
Important: Please be aware as oak is a natural product, each piece does vary with regards to: cracks, knots, colour and grain pattern. Beams sizes are approximate to +/- 5mm. Some beams may have small areas of pin holing which further adds to the reclaimed effect, we will treat these beams with anti infestation solution. All of our oak beams are well air dried ensuring minimal movement once installed in your home. As your beam adjusts to your room temperature further cracks may appear only adding to the character. This is nothing to worry about. Please note that none of the above can be treated as defects.
Oak Beams are a combustible material. It is important that the beam is positioned a safe distance away from stoves, flues and other heat sources in line with building and HETAS regulations. Installing a beam too close to a heat source may cause excessive cracking and be unsafe.
We offer free UK mainland delivery, other areas may be subject to additional delivery charges.