Barrister and Mann Lavanille Aftershave Splash is the result of an extraordinary journey undertaken by the Barrister and Mann team. It all began with the discovery of a sample of the discontinued perfume base, Mousse de Saxe. With this precious find and historical records as their guide, they embarked on a mission to recreate its legendary scent from scratch.Over four months of meticulous research, formulation, and refinement, they successfully resurrected Mousse de Saxe to its original glory. Inspired by some of the most iconic masculine fragrances, they combined their version of Mousse de Saxe with notes of lavender, vanilla, cedar, and the elegant musk Exaltolide.The result is Lavanille, a sophisticated and captivating fragrance designed to complement the Barrister and Mann Lavanille Sh Perfume, Products, Fragrance, Mousse, Barrister, Scent, Fragrance Design, Shaving Soap, After Shave