an area rug with red, white and blue stars on it next to a tan triangle
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American Flag Design Patchwork Rug, Bright Colors

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American Flag Patchwork Rug is Fashioned from original hand-knotted Turkish rugs, which are hand-woven in mid 1900's. They have been kept in a corner of the house for decades. What I do is go find these old fashioned carpets; shave and bleach and infuse them with striking colors using various techniques. The result is a modern, unique and a beautiful rug that you can proudly lay on your floor.
The rugs are then cut into various geometric shapes, and hand-stitched with a cotton & polyester mixture thread; creating modern and colorful rugs. The base of the rug is strengthened with a durable cotton twill, which also prevents it from slipping, while protecting the stitches.
Pieces of Turkish rugs have been cut and stitched to create this Union Jack Design rug. The British Flag design patchwork rug.
Also available in these dimensions:
4' x 6' (122 x 183 cm)
5' x 7' (152 x 214 cm)
5' x 8' (152 x 245 cm)
6' x 9' (183 x 275 cm)
8' x 10' (245 x 305 cm)
9' x 12'(275 x 365 cm)
10' x 14'(305 x 426 cm)
12' x 18'(365 x 548 cm)
If you require a size other than these, please contact me with a "custom order request".
I do not stock patchwork rugs, they are MADE TO ORDER. It takes us 1-2 weeks to make one, depending on its size. The colors of the made rug will be same us the rug in the photograph; however, the individual pieces will have different patterns. We will match it 90%.
Material: Wool, Cotton
Technique: Hand-Knotted
Pile: Low
Fringe: None
Color: American Flag, Red, Blue, Beige, Bright colors
Pattern: Varies with the individual pieces
Country: Turkey
Ref: TPD035