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Moana costume, Moana Halloween, Moana princess, Moana birthday, Polynesian Princess, Princess Baby Moana Party Maui Halloween

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Moana costume, Moana Halloween Costume, Moana princess, Moana birthday, Polynesian Princess, Princess Baby Moana Party Maui Halloween
Introducing the magical Moana outfit for kids! Get ready for an exciting adventure with this enchanting costume inspired by the beloved Disney film, "Moana." Designed to capture the spirit of the brave and determined Polynesian princess.
Comfortable and Durable: We understand the importance of comfort when it comes to kids' costumes. The Moana outfit is made from high-quality materials that are soft, lightweight, and breathable, ensuring that your child can play and explore with ease.
Perfect for Pretend Play: Encourage your child's imagination and creativity! Whether they're reenacting scenes from the movie, going on a treasure hunt, or embarking on their own epic voyage, the Moana outfit will help them immerse themselves in the world of adventure.
Versatile and Fun: This costume is not just for special occasions or Halloween. It's perfect for dress-up playdates, themed parties, school events, or even everyday play. Your child will love stepping into Moana's shoes and embracing her spirit of bravery and exploration.
Available in Various Sizes: The Moana outfit is available in a range of sizes to fit different age groups, even adults, ensuring that every child can enjoy the magic of this costume.
THIS IS A BEST SELLER since we launch it in 2017 and the level of satisfaction is enormous. Check the reviews for more photos and testimonies.
Check the measurement chart to guarantee a perfect fit. If you have any concerns about the size, have in mind that the outfit will fit a wide range of close related sizes.
The top first and second layers of the skirt are made with stretchable soft fabric and are tied on the back. The skirt goes on top of the tutu which has an elastic band.
Enjoy shopping and feel free to ask any questions or customize your order. We will customize it.
This Costume includes 2 Skirts (top skirt and hula) a top tank and Floral Crown.
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