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the bathroom is decorated in black and gold with floral wallpaper, an ornate sink and mirror
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As we strive to deliver the perfect interior, small interior spaces commonly suffer from a lack of colour and respect for scale. So, let’s not dip our brush into the white paint just yet in the hope that our room will feel grandiose or look more spacious. Instead consider the use of bold statement patterns to create intrigue, atmosphere, and playfulness; distracting the eye from the lack of open space. This stunning London apartment delivers an inspiring aquatic paradise within...
a bathroom sink sitting under a mirror next to a vase with flowers
a gorgeous Talavera sink was the inspiration for this elegant Hacienda bathroom.. a marvelous mix of black, white, and blue. Orquidea Negra.
a bathroom with a toilet, sink and bathtub covered in multicolored glass tiles
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- Lightstreams Glass Bathroom Floor Tile | Dark Silver Grey Black