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a green background with white flowers and the words, choose to focus on things that will fall your soul with hope
LDS Quotes | General Conference | President Uchtdorf
a poster with different types of boats on it
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
British v. American English :D
a menu for a restaurant with the names of different countries on it and an image of a
How to Say "I Love You" in Different Languages
The Language of Love: How to Say "I Love You" Around the World
These Solar-Powered Mushroom Lawn Lights Are An Adorable Addition To Your Backyard
Mushroom Lawn Lights
There’s Nothing Sweeter Than Watching Candy Be Made
We’ll have it all, please.
These DIY Calm-Down Jars Will Have Your Students Mesmerized
Make these calm-down jars while also learning about the mixing of colors. The secrets to making these is the oil-based food coloring. Get tips on how to turn this project into a science lesson and where to get the food coloring, by following the story link!
9 Classy Ways To Wear A Winter Scarf
3 Unexpected and Easy Ways To Tie Your Shoes
3 Cool Ways To Lace Your Shoes
Brilliant Junk Drawer Organizing Tips You've Never Tried
Organizing Drawers More
a table with numbers and symbols in different languages, including the names of each language
4 Battery Life Hacks you WILL NEED when STRANDED
Keyboard shortcuts I never knew :0