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the words orphic are written in black and white on a dark background with an image of
Author Payne Hawthorne
Story idea -- the parents in the harambe case (<or> the case where the kid was eaten by an alligator in Disney) have a second kid from his own perspective about how he grew up with parents who were publicly ridiculed
a blurry photo with the words posithusm in white and black on it
Canva: Visual Suite for Everyone
Word of the Day: Psithurism. The sound of the wind through trees. #inspiration #wordoftheday #graphicdesign
a poster with the words'word of the day '
a sign that says, word of the day petrichor mourn earth's smell after rain
a poster with words that say, word of the day snollygoster
a quote from the book ultracepiarian
a black and white photo with the words frobly - mobby on it
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the word eunoia is written in different languages
Pin by Yažmine DeLaRo$a on Words | Pinterest
a green poster with the words word of the day january 10 parsimonious
the logy app is open and ready to be used on your phone or tablet
logy (adj) lacking physical or mental energy
an image of the cover of idoms and vim and vigor
Vim and Vigor | Idiom English
Vim and Vigor mean full of energy and enthusiasm.
an unmade bed with the words clinoma written in black and white on it
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bed, sleep, and clinomania image