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a woman with a tattoo saying i am sorry the way i am
tattoo-quotes | Tumblr
"I am enough the way I am" #tattoo :: love the placement and the quote
a woman with a cross tattoo on her upper back shoulder and behind her neck is a pink sweater
28 Small Cross Tattoos for Girls (20). I like but I want all mine covered by a strapless dress..
the back of a woman's upper arm with writing on it and her left shoulder
Words to Live By...
Those who have hurt you in the past cannot continue to hurt you unless you hold onto the pain through resentment. Your past is the past! Nothing will change it... For your own sake, learn from it, and then let it go. I want a saying like this on me!
a woman's foot with a small crescent tattoo on her left ankle and the moon behind it
114 Tiny Tattoo Ideas That Are Perfectly Minimalist
99 Impossibly Small And Cute Tattoos Every Girl Would Want The detail in the face is unreal!