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a tweet from alex blechman on twitter about the magic trick
chaotic magic
a comic strip with the words dibert on it
two men sitting at a table talking to each other and one is saying, can you finish that in any speed?
Always have a "can do" attitude!
an older man sitting at a desk with a laptop and holding a coffee cup in front of him
75 Hilarious Zoom Memes To Brighten Your Virtual Meetings
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It'd be quick, they said.
a comic strip with the caption that says, i don't know what to do
the text on the screen reads, i saw a software engineer today no company swag hoodie no stickers on their laptop
the tweet app has been updated to allow users to use their twitter account
40 Painfully Relatable Memes And Jokes About Everything Programming And Computer Science (New Pics)
Dear Universe Please Include This In The Next Update
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Picture memes 8PHgoFip6: 1 comment — iFunny
a tweet with an image of a man in the background and text that reads,
Quality "Assurance"
the text reads, why do programers prefer dark mode? cause light attracts bugs
Tech Memes You Can Appreciate Even If You're Not In IT