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a sunflower painted on the side of a fence
Sunflower fence
a pathway made out of stones with sunflowers in the background
Sunflower pathway
a garden path made out of stones and pebbles
Plant Root Growing Box
Help plant branches to take root quickly and complete reproduction and replication.
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Effortlessly Remove Weeds with the New Weeding Artifact: The Must-Have Tool for Every Gardener!
Do you still use your hands to dig wild vegetables and pull out weeds? Take a look at this small weeding tool with four teeth. You can uproot the grass with one hug. The harder it is to pull out the grass, the less effort it will take! The front can also be shoveled, which can not only weed but also loosen the soil. It is so convenient! Now factory direct sales, free home delivery!
a sculpture made out of sticks in the woods
Free Pattern Friday – Willowwork Cowl
two sculptures made out of sticks in the grass
The Visual Vamp — The elusive magic mushroom
a vine wrapped around a tree in the woods
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some very pretty red sculptures in the grass
Fern sculptures by Roving I, via Flickr gives me an idea to make kraken tentacles out of chicken wire, plant ivy around them 5 grow up. Garden art
a vine wrapped around a tree in the woods
garden design/ gardening aesthetic 2022
a walkway made out of bricks and stones
87 Garden Path Ideas For Your Ultimate Garden Makeover
purple flowers growing on the side of a house
5 of the best climbing plants | Centenary Landscaping