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Tips, tricks, and ideas to help you declutter your home, spaces, and life and help you organize your home and life. Includes Decluttering Checklists to help you…
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a cup of coffee next to a tablet with the words 17 items you can easily remove from your digital devices
Digital Declutter Checklist and Tips
For the fifth post of the Declutter Challenge, we are tackling our Digital Clutter. The Digital Decluttering Checklist has us focused on cleaning, decluttering, and streamlining our computers, mobile phones, and tablets. So print off your Digital Decluttering Checklist and let’s get busy!
two hands working on some crafting items with the words 27 items you can remove from your office & craft room and won't miss
Tips and Checklist for Decluttering Offices & Craft Rooms
This declutter checklist includes 27 items commonly found in offices and crafts rooms that you can most likely discard and won’t miss!
a white shelf with some items on it and the words 26 items you can remove from your den and linen closet and won't miss
Decluttering Checklist for Den and Linen Closet
Week 3 of the Declutter Challenge finds us in the Den (Living Room/Family Room) and the Linen Closet. This time the checklist includes 26 items commonly found in those family living areas and linen closets that you can most likely discard and won’t miss! At the end of 7 weeks, you will have checklists of more than 150 items that you can toss! Think of it as a Decluttering Scavenger Hunt!
many different types and sizes of dishes on a table with the words, the psychology of decluttering
The Psychology Of Decluttering: Getting Past Mental Roadblocks
Understand the emotional ties to clutter and how to break free, for a lighter, happier home.
the top tips to help you downsize your kitchen cabinets and counter tops in one place
Ten Tips to Help You Downsize
Moving to a smaller space can be daunting, but with these downsizing tips from, you’ll be able to make the most of your new home! From decluttering to clever storage solutions, these tips will make downsizing a breeze. Check them out!
the words, 20 items you can remove from your garage and attic and won't miss
Attic and Garage Declutter Checklist and Decluttering Tips
This week’s Garage and Attic Decluttering Checklist has us focused on tackling the areas that legitimately house lots of items, but are also oftentimes dumping grounds for the stuff we don’t know what to do with. So print off your Decluttering Checklist for the Garage and Attic and let’s get to it.
bathroom items with the text, 26 things you can remove from bedroom & bath and will never miss
Decluttering Checklist for Bedrooms and Bathrooms
A declutter checklist is a great help when you just don’t know where to start decluttering! It prompts you to look for items that you might otherwise have overlooked and in the process, you will likely uncover other items that you realize you need to send off to a new home.
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Decluttering Checklist for Kitchen and Laundry Room
Post two of the seven post Decluttering Challenge finds us working in the kitchen & laundry room. When you join this year's challenge, you'll receive weekly emails with a decluttering checklist for specific areas of the home. With these checklists, I feel that I am on a Decluttering Scavenger hunt! You'll also receive additional tips, suggestions, and resources for your successful decluttering. JOIN ANYTIME!
kitchen organization ideas that are easy to do with the help of your family and friends
Kitchen Organization Tips and Ideas
Make your kitchen 'work' for you! These simple kitchen organization tips and storage ideas will help you arrange your kitchen so that you can work more efficiently.
there is a basket full of items with the words where to take disorards when decluttering
Where to Take Discards and Donations When Decluttering
Not only would you like your discards to land somewhere where they might be useful, but we surely don’t need to add more to our landfills. What do you do with all your discards and where to recycle? I’m here with some answers
an open book sitting on top of a blue towel next to the ocean with text that reads summer decluttering checklist
Summer Declutter Checklist
Hey friends! Summer is here and it's time to declutter and organize our lives. Check out @nourishandnestle's Summer Decluttering Checklist and post to prompt you to look for typically 'summer' things. Let's get your home looking fabulous and functional.
a pile of boxes sitting on top of a wooden floor
Home Decluttering Tips: Kitchen, Office & Craft Room
The Unclutter Your Nest Boot Camp is in our kitchens, office/craft room this week. Tips and suggestions for how I removed 1,330 lbs of clutter from my home & a list of great places to take your discards.
a pile of furniture with the words decluttering? 10 questions to help decide what stays and what goes
Ten Questions to Ask Yourself When You Are Decluttering
Are you ready to get decluttering? Here are 10 questions to ask to help you determine what to keep and what to toss. Also, additional tips and suggestions to help you have a successful declutter!
an open suitcase with clothes inside and the words bedroom organizing ideas + products above it
Tips and Tools for Organizing Bedrooms and Bathrooms
Looking to organize your bedroom and bathroom? Check out these functional organizing ideas that will transform your space! From clever storage solutions to creative ways to maximize every inch of your room, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to a more serene and organized sanctuary!
a pile of colored pencils with the words where to take your decluttering di
Where To Take Your Discards When Decluttering
So, you caught the decluttering bug; you've been incredibly productive and ruthless in unearthing the unnecessary, redundant and unwanted ‘stuff’ that has been hiding in your home for years and now you would like to find a new home for it. OR you know you need to get busy ridding your home of clutter but are just putting your plan in place. I I put together a list of charities to donate and places to recycle household items and declutter.