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an interactive notebook is shown with instructions for writing and using it to help students learn how to use them
Interactive Notebook Setup
interactive notebook set up for high school students
a printable rubrical for students to use in the classroom, including numbers and words
Rubric for assessing math journal entries
an open book sitting on top of a carpeted floor
Math Equals Love | Math Teaching Blog by Sarah Carter
Inside of Syllabus Brochure in Interactive Notebook
an interactive notebook guide is shown in this document, which contains information about the topic
Interactive notebook guidelines for creative, reflective learning
interactive-notebook-guidelines-4464463 by lherzl via Slideshare
a sheet of paper with instructions on how to use the netbook
Made 4 Math Monday #8
FREE Teaching Statistics: Made 4 Math Monday #8 ideas for using notebooks, Grading Rubric, SBG Tracker