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there are three different pictures one has coffee and the other has ice cream in it
two glasses filled with liquid sitting next to each other on a white counter top, one has a straw in it and the other is empty
Nordic Ripple Glassware Sets - 2 pcs small (200ml)
Perfect for serving signature cocktails in style! These stunning Nordic Ripple Glassware Sets will be your new glassware favorite. The sleek and delicate look of the glass is perfect for serving your signature cocktails in style for all occasions, intimate or grand. Beautiful Minimalist Glass They are unique & perfect for all your drinkware needs! Our Ripple Glasses are high-quality glass that is temperature resistant and dishwasher safe, making them a practical choice. Aesthetic glassware These
an iced drink with ice cubes and a straw
a cup with some writing on it next to a ticket and a drink in a plastic cup
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coffee cup doodle, coffee cup art, iced latte
there are two drinks on the table
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