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an image of a woman doing push ups on the beach with text that reads exercise should be about rewarding the body with endorphiins and strength
I Like Running
Exercising should be about rewarding the body with endorphins and strength, Not about punishing your body for what you've eaten.
a young boy and girl holding a t - shirt that says our get along shirt
I can't believe I didn't think of this! I use to make my hug and say I love you to each other and they couldn't let go until they said it without anger. ^_^
a child holding a sign that says since i want to paper pictures of me
How to punish your kid!
two young boys playing with boxing gloves on the grass in front of some bushes and trees
Products, Advice & Tips to Help Raise Kids | Parenting
How to Discipline a Child with Creativity and Fun
a woman making the middle finger sign with her hand
How To End Your Child's Backtalk | Empowering Parents
Learn how to manage disrespectful and obnoxious back talk in teenagers and give effective consequences for the behavior.
a police officer holding the hand of a woman in front of a car
America's Only Humor Site | Cracked.com
6 Creative Punishments That Could Eliminate Crime Forever | Cracked.com
an advertisement for the age appropriate children's book, which is written in french
Age-appropriate chores for children - just a guideline/starting point
two women sitting on top of a bed with their hands in the air and one standing up
Family Health | Livestrong.com
Effective Punishments for Teenagers
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, you have missed burfew do not knock the door bell
Friday Funny - How to enforce curfew rules...teenage years
a book cover with an image of a person's face and the words free babysiting
Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos
Creative punishment
the cover of an article on how to deal with other people
Great advice when disciplining children
Great advice when disciplining children by laurie
an envelope with some paper on it and a sign that says, uh oh mom picked up she's got your stuff stuck you're out of luck to get it back must be a
Uh Oh Box Chore List
Love this.... I hide my kids' stuff when they don't clean up, but haven't had a cute way to put it in writing.
an info poster showing the concept of consciousness and how it is used to describe what things are
Consequence Calculator - iMOM
YES!!! It is so hard to decide consequences for behavior. This Consequence Calculator is a great tool!
there is a lock on the ground next to flowers
A good idea for punishing your teen!! Rather than removing the item, put a lock on the plug!! Genius!!