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a duck is sitting on the ground with its head turned to look like it's crying
Did u take care of urself today? eat something? drink water? do something that makes u happy? allowed urself to feel whatever ur - iFunny
a small brown and white rabbit wearing a knitted hat
Innocent Little Bunny (BTS x Jungkook)
a rabbit sitting in front of a window with the caption'eu nou olhar ate vc me curtir
a small rabbit is being held in someone's hand
'pretty setter squad.' (✓)
a person holding a small stuffed animal in their hand
a white tiger with blue eyes sitting in the snow looking at the camera while it's paw is out
Rare white baby tiger
there are many small bottles with faces on them
Want, Need, Love
Kawaii Bubble/Boba Tea Charm - Polymerclay Charm, Miniature Food Charm…
a hand holding some fake eggs and an egg shell with smiley faces on it's sides