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do not repost 🙏 God bless you 💞 keep faith in Jesus 💞


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two people laying on the floor in front of a window with an advertisement above them
an image of someone's hand with the words so much happening
a woman wearing a white dress with the caption when a book has dual pov >
a man in a suit pointing to his left side with the words diffs > > > > boys my age
four people standing in front of a store with the words france, boyfriend, husband and ideal
hyung line got me like tadow ngl 😔✌
a man standing in front of a building with the words polite men are so attractive
Whisper [mine]
Funny, Memes, Just In Case, Silly Me, I Laughed
i hate him
a woman taking a selfie in front of her cell phone with the caption focus on pleasing god, not people
please God
do not repost 🙏 God bless you 💞 keep faith in Jesus 💞
a woman in white dress with the words she is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs
She is you! 🫶🏽🫶🏽
a girl in the water with a starfish and text that reads, god will never let