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two different types of words in the same language
Ontleden. Grammatica Voor De Onderbouw. 305
Ontleden. Grammatica Voor De Onderbouw. | Grammatica, Taal
an interactive game with words and numbers in the center, which are all different colors
a table that has different types of words in each language and numbers on the same page
Schrijftwijfels 11 & 12 - Nederlandse spraakkunst (grammatica) / grammaire néerlandaise / Dutch grammar - profNLDS - Photos
a table with different types of words and numbers on the top one is in english
De v.t.t. (voltooid tegenwoordige tijd), het perfectum : gebruik van HEBBEN en ZIJN (03)
hungarian and english words are shown in this poster
Magyar - holland: 1000 alapszó
Az 1000-es alapvető holland szó. A holland nyelv egy nyugati germán nyelv, beszélt körülbelül 23 millió ember, mint az első nyelv, és további 5 millió második nyelvként. Hogyan lehet megtanulni egy nyelvet másképp? Ma, a nyelvtanulás revolut
a german language chart with different words and numbers on it, including the names for each word
Немецкий язык - Start Deutsch
Немецкий язык - Start Deutsch
an image of german words and numbers for children to use in their classroom or home
Beelddenkers en NT2-leerlingen leren klokkijken
a table with the names of different languages in english and spanish, including words that are not
Dossier 'TALEN EN NATIONALITEITEN' (6) : exercice de vocabulaire; woordenschatoefening 'Nationaliteiten en landen' / néerlandais; Nederlands
an orange and black text description on a white background with the words in different languages
an image of a computer screen with the words in german and english written on it
PPT - Het perfectum: gebruik PowerPoint Presentation, free download - ID:3551036
a table with numbers and words on it, including the names of different types of items
Onregelmatige of sterke werkwoorden (1)
a blue and white paper with some writing on it's sides, including the words prepositions of time aan, na, sinds, tot, too
Dutch: prepositions of time: aan, in, na, sinds, tot, voor