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the stained glass windows in the cathedral are colorful
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an abstract painting of red and white flowers on green ground with clouds in the background
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an image of a painting that looks like it has been altered to look like water
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the front page of trying times magazine, featuring an image of a woman's face
Indieground's Weekly Inspiration Dose #103
an image of pancakes and orange juice on the table
Lauren Martin Studio
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Polarain on Twitter
an anime character holding a cell phone to his ear while looking at a cake with strawberries on it
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Artistas #15 – Takeshi Obata
Artistas #15 – Takeshi Obata
a close up of a butterfly on a white surface with gold flecks and wings
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a bunch of flowers that are on a blanket
The Art of Drying Flowers - Top Tips | Botanical Tales
an oil painting of flowers in a vase
50+ Amazing Floral Wallpapers — Gathered Living