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an image of a comic strip with cartoon characters
The romantic saga of Fuchsia the devil girl and Criminy the bookworm
some cartoon characters sitting on a couch together
Kick y kendall
four different pictures with the same character on them
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a comic strip with two people talking to each other and one person hugging the other
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a comic strip with an image of two people and one is talking to each other
Cartoon Network – Super Secret Crisis War! – Johnny Bravo 002 (2014) | View Comic
the comic strip shows how people are doing different things
Day in the Life 6
the comics strip shows two women talking to each other
Vicky's Family by Garabatoz on DeviantArt
Missy's Mom by Garabatoz
some cartoon characters are doing different things in the same place as they appear to be sleeping
GAOBAM - Billy/Mandy by sallychan on DeviantArt
After rewatching Grim Adventures, I realized Billy/Mandy is... suuuch my kind of ship!! Mandy being emotionally constipated but still caring about Billy despite herself, and Billy being her lovable minion that switches from "nyeh nyeh boo boo no girls allowed" to "ALL HAIL MANDY" is just... yes. So here's some of the stuff I drew for them about a year ago :P Some are platonic, others more romantic. 1) I always draw Billy with shaggy hair, so Mandy finally made him cut it :XD: Now she's inspecti