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an anime character with the caption can't wait for mhoyo to release sumeru, which is based on egypt but have all the character be looking white as f
an anime character with the caption that reads, there is literally nothing wrong with kayya's eye
seems suspicious....
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yall did the same with lumine and aether can ya'll just behave
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an anime character with horns on her head and the words can period blood at least smell good
shit smells like dead cats like atleast smell like flowers or something🙁
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anyways look at fischl <333
an anime character with the words people who only know how to speak in one language scare me
they don't really scare me just I don't understand how you only know one😕
a girl with blue hair holding a cell phone to her ear and the words one day i'll shut up not today, but definitely one day
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a cat laying on top of a bed with the caption, psychic animals are so much better than romance animes
so true
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a person laying on top of a bed with the caption saying, starting to think this mental stillness won't heal itself
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