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a young man with black hair and tattoos on his arm making the peace sign while standing in front of a building
VICTON (빅톤) no Instagram
Japanese Boy, Men, Guys, Michi, Cute Guys, Real People
three different pictures of two men and one woman with their faces close to each other
three different images of the same person sitting down and one is looking at another man
two people kissing each other in front of a bridge and the caption reads, i love you so much
the man is getting his hair cut by the woman
an image of a man getting his tie put on by another man who is wearing a shirt and tie
two pictures of the same person in different outfits, one is wearing a tiara
Drama: Kieta Hatsukoi
two young men in suits and ties posing for the camera
消えた初恋 (Kieta Hatsukoi) Vanishing My First Love รักแรกที่จางหายไป Japanese BL drama | Genres: Romance, Comedy, Life, School (Adapted from the manga "Vanishing My First Love" (消えた初恋) written by Hinekure Wataru ひねくれ渡 and illustrated by Aruko アルコ); Cast: Shunsuke Michieda 道枝駿佑 มิจิเอดะ ชุนสุเกะ (Naniwa Danshi) / Ren Meguro เมกุโระ เรน 目黒蓮 (SnowMan)
消えた初恋 (Kieta Hatsukoi) Vanishing My First Love รักแรกที่จางหายไป
a person holding up a photo in front of a bamboo hut with people on it
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