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a room filled with lots of computer monitors
Top 15 Cool Computer Room Arrangements : Cool Computer Room Setup Inspiration with Graded Desk and Black Wheeled Arm Chair
a flat screen tv sitting on top of a white entertainment center in front of speakers
gerenciamento de cabos
two computer monitors sitting on top of a wooden desk
50 Amazing Home Office Workstation Setups | Bluefaqs
I'm pretty sure my productivity would increase with this setup... after I get past the nonproductive phase of sitting quietly and admiring this awesome work station.
several different views of skis and snowboards hanging from the ceiling
several different types of wooden furniture being assembled
The All-Wood DIY Triple Monitor Mounting Stand:
a computer desk with multiple monitors and speakers on it's sides in front of a wall
Tom's Hardware: For The Hardcore PC Enthusiast
A man needs a place of his own, and when Thom Davis found using the family computer for his gaming pursuits to be less than ideal, he set about building the Seizure, the ultimate form-follows-function gaming rig. His goal was to create a rig that was gaming friendly, had no exposed wires, and looked good in the living room. We think he succeeded on all three counts.
a man sitting in a chair with a computer monitor on his back and feet up
$21,500 Computer Pod Work Station
This is something I know my husband would LOVE!!! (21 500 Computer Pod Work Station | Gadget | Gear)
a star wars electronic device with a storm trooper helmet on it's front cover
PC Case Mods Store
Star Wars Tower
a room filled with lots of computer monitors and desks
Badass gaming setup
a computer monitor sitting on top of a black object in an empty room with white walls
Interesting – theCHIVE
This is the type of thing that would constitute daily massages from the husband that receives it! :P
a room with multiple computer screens and monitors on the wall, all lit up at night
13 Eye-Popping Home Office Setups
software development computer setup - Google Search
a computer desk with headphones on it in front of a large screen television and gaming chair
there is a desk with two monitors on it