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a young man with his arms crossed wearing a black leather jacket and white shearn collar
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a digital painting of a woman with her eyes closed
Please, Tell me this shit is not real. I cannot believe he is not with us anymore. He was talented, handsome, nice and happy. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. I’m upset I couldn’t help you. I fell like I did not do what I had to. I miss you, Jonghyun. Be happy wherever you are. #kimjonghyun #StaystrongShawols #shineejonghyun #shinee
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We love you. We will always love you. ❤️
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Both last night and tonight I see only one bright star in the sky, and I saw a thread of ppl on twitter who saw the same thing last night. I talked to the star as though it was him last night, and just now seeing ppl see the same is just.. crazy. Tonight I stepped out of the house and looked everywhere in the sky and didn’t see a single star, but then I saw a shooting star and thought of him, and as soon as I lifted my head I saw the same star I saw last night. I promise when I say everything in
Hyun A, It Hurts Me, Foto Pose
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Shinee Jonghyun Boyfriend material
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SHINee's Jonghyun Wants To Tell A Story With His Music
SHINEE Jonghyun Allure Magazine November 2015 Photoshoot Fashion
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jonghyun x inspiration
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for you, jonghyun - a memorial blog
another jjong blog
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