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a young man making a face with his tongue out royalty images and clippings
Side Face View of Surprised Teen. Stock Image - Image of male, face: 44589147
an image of a cartoon character that is flexing his muscles and posing for the camera
El-ZOMBO, Gurjeet singh
ArtStation - El-ZOMBO, Gurjeet singh
Comic Art, Character Design Male, Epic Art, Character Design Inspiration, Human Anatomy Art
罚站大赛, GW
three different poses of a man with his hands on his hips
ssxssss_848 on ig
an image of the back and side view of a man's torso, with different angles
The front and back of the shoulder muscles are different because one is part of the back muscle. (Deltoids)
ArtStation - Cyborg unit - 3D, Thibaut Granet Concept Art, 3d Character, Fantasy Characters, 3d Model Character, Character Creation, Character Modeling, Zbrush Character
Cyborg unit - 3D, Thibaut Granet
ArtStation - Cyborg unit - 3D, Thibaut Granet
a statue of a man with a knife in his hand
Savage Dragon fan art, Charlie Cunningham
This is a personal work I did because I've always loved this character. Sculpted in Zbrush rendered with a simple set up in Keyshot.