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an overhead view of a pool with umbrellas and chairs
Gallery - Parilio luxury hotel Paros
an overhead view of a bed with two pillows
Discover the new bedroom - Gianfranco Ferrè Home
an oval shaped mirror with black and gold paint on it
Amorphous - Baudesign
Amorphous - Baudesign
a black and white object is shown against a white background, it appears to be an oval shaped object
Amorphous - Baudesign
Amorphous - Baudesign
the pillow is shaped like an eyeglass case and has a brown leather band on it
Modern Minho Chaise Lounge, DEDAR Velvet, Handmade in Portugal by Greenapple
For Sale on 1stDibs - Minho Chaise Longue, Contemporary Collection, Handcrafted in Portugal - Europe by Greenapple. Minho puts a modern twist on the traditional chaise longue.
an image of wood flooring that looks like it has been cleaned and is ready to be used
Light Brown — Walking On Wood
an image of wood flooring that is white