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a painting hanging on the side of a wall with flowers in front of buildings and trees
Jess Franks Art — Paintings and Prints of Maine and more
two boats in the water next to a green building with flowers on it's roof
Pretty climbing plants add extra colour to a house built over the Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia
a house with clothes hanging out to dry in the water
Typical House On Stilts, Inle Lake, Myanmar
Typical House On Stilts, Inle Lake, Myanmar | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a painting of colorful beach huts with the sun setting in the sky above them and birds perched on top
By Leoma Lovegrove
an oil painting of people playing in the water near houses and laundry hanging out to dry
Ana pinho artista naif
an oil painting of colorful houses on a hill with palm trees in the foreground
many different pictures of women with flowers in their hair
a man standing in front of a painting on the floor with paint all over it