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a drawing of a man with a cat on his back
two people standing next to each other in front of a black dragon with yellow eyes
How to train your dragon
a woman riding on the back of a dragon with flames in her hair and eyes
a man riding on the back of a giant dragon in front of an orange sky
an image of a person holding the tail of a dragon in front of a sunset
I’m not crying. Your crying!
the poster for the movie, the mummy
ya big palooka
ya big palooka, The Mummy Art by Stephanie Pepper
a drawing of a woman holding the hand of a little boy who is walking away from him
two people standing next to each other in cartoon style
two different pictures of people in hats and shirts, one is holding a book while the other
The mummy
a group of people sitting around a wooden table in front of a book shelf filled with books
Irene Aimee (accepting art commissions)
a bird flying over the ocean at sunset with clouds and stars in the sky above
an image of a bird flying in the sky