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an indoor herb garden with basil plants in a wooden box on a white background, 3d rendering
The SmallGarden is a smart, sustainable way to bring fresh herbs, greens, and flowers into your home. Add this smart garden to your smart home collection with mobile control, automated LED garden lights, hydroponic sustainable design, and wifi-enabled notifications on when to add water.
some plants are growing on the side of a stair case that is attached to a wall
Repurposed a useless shelf to create this grid plant wall going up my stairs! Shelves I found online at Amazon. All the plants have a tray underneath so I don’t spill water all over. Watering is a little bit tricky but honestly not bad I can actually reach them all either from above the stairs or from the landing area! My fiancé put these up with anchors, screws, and washers! He’s such an enabler! Faces a floor to ceiling south facing window!
three white vases with flowers and plants in them on top of a table next to a wall
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